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Re: Symantec asks G4L to stop infringing on Ghost name

Posted by: msetzerii on October 06, 2007 01:26 AM
Just to point out a few things. First, I am not the original author and didn't setup the project or come up with the name. It has been around for about 4 years or longer. The references to Ghost and Symantec where marked (and I assumed correctly), and the program has (I've modified it to remove it) and info screen at the beginning that stated that it was not related to Symantec, and even gave the web link to the Symantec site. Again, that had been done by the previous author, and was there to prevent any confusion. When I was contacted, I quickly removed the references from the Sourceforge and Freshmeat sites to the word Ghost, Norton, and Symantec (except for the G in G4L). I also when thru the script, and only the info page had any reference to the word Ghost, Norton, or Symantec, and that was to prevent confusion rather than to have users confuse Norton Ghost for G4L. Actually, in the script it shows up as Gh*st for LInux, but if Ghost is a problem, I would agree that use of the * instead of an o isn't a real change. I even looked at the outdated document file on the site, and it doesn't include Ghost, Norton, or Symantec as far as I could tell in a quick search, it just used G4L. If it was just me, I wouldn't care what the name was, but I've recently been getting between 9,000 and 14,000 downloads of the various files each month. Don't know how many people actually use it, since I get very few comments on either web site. Hopefully, it is either that it works for them, or isn't want they were looking for.

To conclude, it is interesting to see what Ghost stands for according to Wikipedia.
Ghost originated as an acronym for "General Hardware-Oriented System Transfer".

P.S. My college has a site license from the original company that made it, before it was bought by Symantec, and still uses it in some locations. But years ago, I added Linux to my computer labs in addition to 98 and XP. Ghost continued to work until I upgraded to LVM partitions with Fedora Core 3 (I believe), and then it would fail in doing a regular Ghost image of the disk. Contact with Symantec resulted in not supported message. Even before this, the Ghost work, but cause a boot problem that required a resetting of Grub. It would work for imaging individual partitions, but would crash on the boot partition, which was an ext2, but no error on the LVM itself. It would also work if one did a raw backup, but then it was huge since it would backup unused sectors. So, rather than having to do 4 separate ghost images of each partition, and thus 4 restores, I found alternatives that worked. G4U worked great, but I had no knowledge of NetBSD, later found G4L, and it worked, but wasn't perfect, but this time I had the ability to make changes. I've since come out with versions 0.14 thru 0.23, with somethings added that I thought of, and some things that have been requested. Much of it though is based on using other open source projects. Just to name a few, ncftp, lzop, gzip, ntfsclone, syslinux, etc, and of course the previous authors.

Unfortunately, haven't done an even OK, job of keeping the documentation updated, but hopefully the program doesn't really require one to understand the inner workings to a high degree....

Hopefully, I will get some feedback from sourceforge on what exactly must be done. If they concur that G4L is a problem, I will have no choice but to look at changing the name. Not sure if there is a simple process to do this, or if it would require closing the current project, and creating a new one totally from scratch. If that is required, I probable would be able to do anything until the Christmas break, since I have 5 College courses, and am the Chair of our College Assessment Committee that takes a great deal of my time.

Again, it is nice to see all the comments.


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