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form fuction

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 05, 2007 09:52 PM
The web brouser page with forward and back arrows and at times up and down, is very simmilar to umpc tablets with the 4 way button with the enter key at the center. I will guess that this will remain a very standard interface. And, suggest if not redundantly, that automobiles provide a standard mount for a reasonable range of sizes of pcs. A dash mount could provide diagnostics and, dashboard functional operation of heaters door locks and window position, radio tunning, access to wireless services as well web apps. and a telecom interface for speaker phone, gps and vehicle tacking, black box flight recording tech. used for sevice/maintenance records and accident reporting. A umpc simmilarly could mount to a refridgerator or a preasure pad on a dinning table to identify food consuption to help make a grocery list, eventualy ordering dillivery in areas and circumstances were available. As well, diatary coaching. The web brouser interface allso suggest an inevetability by way of effective functionality of tree taversal and modularized interfacable content separating policy from mechanizm. So concerns about what direction a development project should take is resolved be forking versions and allowing them to be promoted on there merits creating a neural path that is strengthened by its usability and effectiveness. Such a tree traversal should make documentation easier. (Personaly, subjects that are vailed in one button applications because they are to tricky for anyone else to implement, such as binaries and package managers, would seem at least in theory to be contray to open philosophy since difficult practices are usually more easily traversed once an understanding of the process is aquired allowing one to block the info. and beter understand and apreciate the one button aproch and to be able to break the one button approch into components for debuging should problems arise.- so many stories about dificult myth tv apps. unless they involve illigal applications should be able to be resoved by adequate documentation- is stupid not knowing or not wanting to know when the opportunity is available?- an article about macros on this demonstrates the value of effective documentation and allows others to benefit from those who have gone befor.)


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