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Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 03, 2007 09:50 PM
Is there an rsi for brains? In the '60's there was a machine used to help people learn to read, they're still available as a childs toy. They allow the teacher to ink a letter or word onto a card, record the spoken expression on a magnetic strip glued to the card. The student can swipe the card through a reader like a credit card and listen to the word being read. The student then can record they're attempt at saying or reading the word and compare they're attempts to the instructor. I vagely remember a program that may be available to do this. With the prospect of computers being available at reasonable prices creating large scale educational oportunities, a widget that provides this functionality might promote reading skill and provide a substrate to introduce people to music production, (using microphone input and record) and video and graphic presentation programs that overlay sound and voice. Also, speech recognition training. The program mite include a dictionary and thesaurus, or be used to create one. It can then be refrenced for use as a spell checker. Word and phrase translation tool. And, for language training and interpretation. Also, within the music prodution programs that translate notes to music like a player piano, or frequency filters to convert music to printed form to teach ear training and notation, one could be aided in there quest to rock it roll it stretch it out and sustain it with a one note bender, harmonize some arpedgiated chords to make people think you can do it classic like and then, do it reeeal nice (like you know who) around the 7th fret, c g c e g c.


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