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Linux distro for women? Thanks, but no thanks

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 02, 2007 08:37 PM
Tina, I think you are reacting in a knee jerk fashion here. Nobody is forcing, suggesting, or insisting, that anyone do anything, use anything, compartmentatize people grorups, or anything else.

The observation was made somewhere that there do not seem to be a lot of women at the present time doing Linux software development. There do not appear to be very many names of women listed, either as distro makers, maintainers, or contributers.

Those that suggested the idea of a distro targeted at women, created by women, were not intending to single out, they were actually highly valuing the intelligence and skill of women and wishing there were a useful way of attracting more of these skilled people and interesting them in the technology - not by force or by constraint, but thriough intelligent exchange.

You are clearly skilled in what you do. We have at least some freelance journalists in the industry. Would probably be nice to have more capable women in this profession as well.

It is really too bad that these kind of wishes degrade into feelings of inclusion, exclusion, separating, etc. I am equally dismayed to see drawing out of race and color. From what I can tell, Linux is well represented by many ethnic groups around the globe.

The vast majority of people use the general purpose distros, just as we do with any other general purpose operating system. Linux distros have the unique capability to also create specialized systems that still do every day general purpose work particularly well, but they can be tailored to any interest group, or for that matter, any hobby, application, or form. For example, there are many Firewall and router only administrative distributions (not commonly known to anyone except administrators who are interested in these things). There are a boatload of Live CDs that can be used to test stuff out without having to disturb your existing system, regardless of whether it is Windows, Linux, or something else altogether. There are multimedia oriented specialty distros. Another person reported there is a Christian themed distribution. The possibilities are endless. I will probably make a Brian or "Mas" oriented distro at some point with an audience of one - ME.

I think the emphasis should be placed on inclusion of as many people as possible, not in singling out any specific group and ESPECIALLY not degrading any group.


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