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Re(1): disagree with you...

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 02, 2007 08:11 PM
>>You should get more aquainted with Open Office, it is far more capable than you give credit for.

Well, I should mention that I use OpenOffice every single day, and I personally do not even own MS Office. But I used MS Office daily at work, and it is undeniably faster in almost all aspects. The comment about MS Office preloading is extremely common, but not exactly true. There are many Windows components that are re-used in MS Office, thus making it more resource efficient. But these Windows components and subsystems need to be up running anyway in order for Windows to function. MS Office therefore makes wise use of shared resources, in contrast to OpenOffice, which, due to its cross-platform nature, re-implements almost everything and shares little in common with the host OS. But if you install install a fresh copy of Windows and record your memory before installing MS Office, you will find that the memory usage after installing MS Office and rebooting is essentially the same. OpenOffice with quickstarter, on the other hand, uses hundreds of MB of memory, and there's nothing else in the system that makes use of it.


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