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Nice to see an honest software review!

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 02, 2007 07:25 PM
Impress is just fine for simple presentations, but it stumbles badly beyond that:

• It's graphics layer is buggy and slow. Layered effects can fail entirely; animations and transitions are so jumpy and slow they're almost unusable.

• The ability to link animations is extremely limited: e.g., I could not find a way to show a sequence of images changing smoothly from one to the next.

• It's presentation consistency tools are horribly buggy and confused. Where PPT has a clean and powerful implementation of the master slide feature with which you can design and apply a presentation-wide theme, Impress has a buggy and confusing stew of templates, styles and master slides.

E.g., in PPT, one can easily set all top-level bullet points to appear on a click, with a consistent animation, just by applying those settings to elements on the master slide. Impress has nothing comparable. You can apply animations to elements on the master slide but they have no effect on the content slides. Eh?

These are somewhat advanced features not needed for many situations, but they are used daily by many PPT users. Impress feels like switching from a touring bike to a child's tricycle with a broken wheel.


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