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Think big... the BIG picture...

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 02, 2007 06:22 PM
Who cares about the minute details of feature comparison? The writer is selecting specific things to compare, but does not consider the big picture at all. I have never been dissapointed by using OpenOffice Impress. I have Impress installed on several Linux workstations and everyone in my family can use it on their own personal system. It would cost a fortune to pull that off using Microsoft products. I would have to buy the Windows OS and the MS Office package, a hefty $600 investment for each of 5 machines. A whopping $3000 !!... and of course renew/refresh/whatever that every two to three years as expected from Microsoft. For 10 year timeframe we are looking at ~$9000 for malware ridden Microsoft frustrations !!! ... GET REAL, we aint goin there.

When you consider the big picture, the choice is EASY. Features, cost, licensing, freedom, .........Open Office wins hands down!!


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