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Use LaTeX for presentations :) Its far more professional

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 02, 2007 06:04 PM
Personally I don't like both.
However with PP2007 I created nice presentation very quickly, but it didn't open correctly at the conference computer.
Then at another talk I modified previously created presentation with OOo. I had to rewrite all formulas. But then I exported to PDF and it opened correctly.

However both of them don't allow me to use data and text from my LaTeX articles, and even EPS pictures.
Also both approaches are WYSIWYG and the file produced doesn't contain understandable source. If I place them in my SVN repository, I will be unable to trace changes and merge different versions.

What I found recently --- is the possibility to create beautiful scientific presentations with LaTeX package "beamer".
In LaTeX I can create my own commands. For example, standard slide with 3 plots and 3 captions is defined by 6 variables.
I can use sources of my articles and the source of presentation is understandable.
Also I can include files with some "global variables", e.g. I have one file with stuff like official addresses and so on, and different articles, presentations reffer to this file.


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