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Office shootout: Impress vs. Microsoft PowerPoint, round 2

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 02, 2007 02:46 PM
I suppose the most fundamental question to ask as with any software or hardware acquisition would be to answer a question that most fail to answer and that is what are you planning on doing with it, what job do you really need to accomplish. Many just jump in and only begin to answer these questions after they have already spent their money and then complain that what they have doesn't do what they need it to do. This article is useful for those few that actually consider the answers to this question. I suppose you have to decide if the features that Open Office and specifically Impress lacks in comparison is really worth paying the premium to MS for MS Office. For me even when I was still working and I had the latest MS Office installed I still preferred Open Office, it did everything I ever wanted to accomplish and it did not have that annoying Klippy or what ever it was called. The one advantage for me that may not apply to everyone is since I dual boot and use Linux most of the time using Open Office meant that I only had to learn one programs interface and features as it is the same on both platforms.


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