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GNU/Linux distro for women? Why not? 'cause it's a bit racist and SO stupid

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on October 01, 2007 01:40 PM
computers are made for humans
why think girl would love something wrote for less able people with tons of shiny glitter shi*?
I'm according with the black guy ( Disagree w/ removing the comment, but the ref'd Web site is nuts).
it's simply ridicoulous.
a distro for cats should make more sense... different interfaces, different ways to interact with users... but I think I can use a pc as you, guys!
That's just "politically correct" bulls*th, nothing more, nothing less... I don't want to be "protected" I just want to be considered as I'm: an human.
Seems me more "ethic" release distros for old pc (common in poor countries) or localized in other languages than english. Isnt the only way to speech in the world... and in 3rd world is not as spread as in USA.
Coding not BLABLABLAing, and if a girl (or a guy) wants something more "cute" can personalize GNOME or KDM or else to do that without the need of a distro.
Thats what i think
associazione.sinapsi (at) gmail (dot) com


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