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Re: GNU/Linux distro for women? Why not?. Because it is dumb!

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 30, 2007 08:50 PM
Good point. Let's take that a bit further. We'd then need a separate GNU/Linux distro for the following different types of women:

Black American

Black African (one distro per ethnic group--Bantu, Pygmy, etc.)

Chinese (mainland)

Chinese from Hong Kong or Macau

Chinese from Taiwan




Indian (from India)

Native American (one distro per tribe in North and South America--Sioux, Quechua, Apache, etc.)

White American

White Western European

White Eastern European

White British (IIRC, they don't really consider themselves European)

White Aussie/Kiwi (well, maybe they're close enough to British)

Aboriginal Aussie

...and the list goes on.

Oh, BTW, we'd also need a separate GNU/Linux distro for all those various kinds of men as well.

Me, I'll stick with Ubuntu, thanks. :-)


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