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Disagree w/ removing the comment, but the ref'd Web site is nuts

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 30, 2007 08:35 PM
It's pretty obvious that the word "executed" as used in that comment was hyperbole. Discourteous, and certainly not what I'd say, but still hyperbole.

As for the referenced web site, that's a different matter. I just read it. I am definitely *AGAINST* feminism; hatred of men is not something I will *ever* condone (that's what feminism has become, unfortunately). But I have to agree with your disapproval. That guy's over the top. Might as well be Hitler, given the venom spouting from him. What a nutcase.

Now, that said, as a black man, I would put this question to you, that I've asked elsewhere: Do you also agree with and support a Linux distro "for blacks"? I can tell you, black folks are a very small minority in the various tech fields, including Linux/FOSS. And I really would like to read your answer.

My take on this is, no, there shouldn't be any "women's distro" or "blacks' distro" or any other such nonsense. Right now, to write this, I'm using Debian Etch, a wonderful distribution. I use Ubuntu and Red Hat at work, both also wonderful distributions. Last I checked, I wasn't asked to "tick the EEOC checkbox" as a precondition to using and enjoying any of these distros (gosh, even Windows doesn't ask that!). It wasn't even suggested. Probably wasn't even thought of by the distro makers!

Perhaps I could've seen an argument for GNU/Linux distros based on *language*, but with the amazing work done in i18n and l10n, even that's not needed. I use both Ubuntu and Debian in Spanish, and I demo Fedora in Russian.

Someone else said that it was a sorry reflection on that this actually made not one, but two articles here. As a racial minority in my country (the USA), I have to agree. This is just silly.


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