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classroom helper

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 29, 2007 09:52 PM
As new users of open software increase there will be an inevatable repetition of questions and advice. Perhaps comments should be commented on and placed into a faq. A person submiting a question or comment could use there input as a search query sending them to simmilar content. They could do some cursury research to see if there question has already been sutibly addressed.-also- Probably using the xml or any other sutible method creat a school icon: when clicked a menu pops up that is or has an other blank space to write in the class name. Left click on the class name and pop up a functional dialog box were an href is placed linking you to the class web page. The class page has course outline assignments and study tests that can be down loaded and worked on. When they are done they can be sent back to a student mailbox. If the work is highly formated ex. multiple choice test, it could be linked to a grading program and have the grade posted and the grade average calculated. And a notice of reciept sent to the student with the grade. This is likly allready available using chalkboard programs. However, it seems to be a usful association to the basket idea. The course outline mite contain reaserch refrences or even an actual library to use.
This could be extended to bussiness projects or up the organizational ladder to the principle - teacher and principle - school superintendent modle. Were projects are assigned and assesed.


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