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Re(2): WTF?!!

Posted by: Jeremy Akers on September 29, 2007 05:31 PM
"She's ruling out a Linux distro for women a priori, as something that could NEVER possibly have appeal to ANY woman."

Does she? Please show me where. A quote from the text would be nice.

"She throws up a strawman argument"

Again, please show me where this is. I see no such strawman.

"She is ruling out the possibility that a distro for women could ever have appeal, at all"

Again, where? I believe the author even asks the question, and I quote the article: "What would we include in this distro?" Why don't you try answering this question, please?

"It's a screwy idea for which _she_ offered no evidence."

Really? No evidence? Lets review the points that she made:

  • Are the low number of females in computer science occupations a problem that needs to be fixed?
  • Are girls being actively discouraged by parents, peers, and teachers from entering fields considered by society to be too "geeky" for women?
  • Are girls champing at the bit to become technologists, but are being forced to instead enter fields like sociology, health care, or services?
  • Are women being handcuffed to the kitchen sink and forced to become stay-at-home mothers?
  • Is creating a new "Girls' Linux Distribution" going to help?

    Then the author says, No, she does not think, so, and offers reasons why:

  • If we want to become part of the industry, why would we want to separate ourselves and draw attention to our differences?
  • If we're trying to say that women have all the same aptitudes and tendencies that men in IT have, it makes no sense to then say that we need or want our own flavor of Linux.

    Perhaps you should learn to RTFA.

    "She is saying that it could only happen as a way to suppress the voting rights of women"

    Funny, I did a word search for 'vote', 'voting', hell, I even did 'vot'. I found no occurance of the word. Can you just not read, or what?

    Now let's review the evidence you offered...

    Oh wait, YOU are the one who offered no evidence. ;)



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