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Re: GNU/Linux distro for women? Why not?

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 29, 2007 05:26 PM
"but for the community at large to tell those male members who cross over the line to misogyny to take a hike, no matter what their skills or contributions."

You, quite frankly, should be executed. In the past free/opensource software was completely about merrit: one's political or social views did not matter, only the code did. Now the opensource movement is a leaky shell of it's former self and DOES kick out men who are anti-feminist / anti-women's rights (Debian has done this) regardless of their great contributions to the platform. The opensource movement is now becoming yet another worthless 'human rights' project more and more aimed at appeasing women's demands, and it is losing men for that. This in the next UN, Unicef, etc. Remeber: in the world of human rights women and girls are human and men are people that need to be chained down so the women and girls can become more human (IE: men are not seen as human but just evil)

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