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Linux distro for women? Thanks, but no thanks

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 29, 2007 02:37 PM
i am pro a women based distro. Why is that? Well first of all we have 350 or more distros by now - and we dont really need all of them. So why yet another? Well one thing that is a problem is that women in open source dont get into positions where they can test their skills. This not a female owned problem - male have that too - but i think the numbers you have are wrong. in open source I think only 1 % of all geeks are women (or less). Cant rember where i got this number. i would not suggest a womens distro as a distribution FOR women but a distribution FROM women. So they can do all: packaging, publishing,... and i would also guess that this will drive some media attention. And then its good. i dont think that this distro will be better or worse than another. But it would be a nice project. And i am not suggesting that women should only join THIS distro. But i cant see any downsides. It will help Linux and it will help women. So two plus and no minus. Dont see it too ideological. Women in Open Source is a worrying topic as there is much more equality in the Windows world - which i hate to admit - and I would like to see this turned this arround. --Thilo Pfennig


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