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Re(1): WTF?!!

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 29, 2007 05:35 AM
Your comments are as intelligent as hers. She's ruling out a Linux distro for women a priori, as something that could NEVER possibly have appeal to ANY woman. She throws up a strawman argument that would obviously be offensive to some women (or should I say feminazis) who argue that women should use nothing friendlier than Slackware. She is ruling out the possibility that a distro for women could ever have appeal, at all, and that is outright childish. It's a screwy idea for which _she_ offered no evidence. She is saying that it could only happen as a way to suppress the voting rights of women, or some crap like that, and your faked offense at my statements are just as idiotic. She wants to make a statement, but this is obviously not the right place to make that statement that she's "just as good as a man".


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