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Re(1): Dumb, indeed!

Posted by: Jeremy Akers on September 29, 2007 02:03 AM
Not that I disagree with you on your overall point, I do take issue with an attack you made on Bruce:

"Women don't interact differently than men As someone who is married, the father of two daughters, and who has several very close friends who are women, I find this statement to be nothing short of nuts, and find myself convinced that Bruce Byfield is single, has no daughters, and doesn't have an close women friends."

Now, lets take a look at what Bruce actually wrote:

"I'm not a great believer in the idea that women are less aggressive than or interact differently from men. Yet even I have to admit that most of the regulars on free software mailing lists for women are politer and more supportive than the average poster on general lists."

It doesn't sound like he's saying women DON'T interact differently than men, just that he's not a 'great' believer in the idea. When someone says they are not a great believer in something, they are not saying they disagree with it, just that they don't staunchly believe/follow the idea as some others might. He even further clarifies his position in the sentence IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING the sentence you are attacking, saying that he admits there IS a difference in responses on mailing lists for women vs general lists. Did you not read that far?

Overall, I agree, I think it's a bad idea. BUT, I will concede that Bruce makes some good points, and if someone wants to waste their time to create such a distro, well, it's no skin off my back. However, time will tell if it happens. The thing about the internet, is you might have 1,000 morons proclaim something as a good idea, but it takes at least one person who's smart enough and willing enough to actually put the idea into place to agree with the idea before it will ever take off. ;)



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