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Linux distro for women? Thanks, but no thanks

Posted by: Anonymous [ip: unknown] on September 28, 2007 06:15 PM
BTW as a pretty devout Christian. I personally don't see any value in Ubuntu Christan. If I want any of those packages "which I don't" I would just download them. Other than that I agree with you. If my wife hadn't married a programmer the odds are very high that she would be the technical one in the family. She has her own id on Slashdot and manages several servers where she works.
The idea that you could make a distro that meets the needs of "women" is as insulting as the idea of a distro that meets the needs of Christians or African-Americans. These are both vast communities of individuals. A woman can be a geologist, artist, mother, teacher, or all of them. My wife still gets ticked when people as her "did you learn about computers from David?". The answer of where she learned about computers is from her mother. He mother is in her 60s and is works with Excel, Crystal Reports, and SAP for a living.
The definition of bigotry is when you stop treating people as individuals.


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