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Re: First US GPL case is <em>not</em> settled

Posted by: Jeremy Akers on September 26, 2007 04:55 AM
"Compliance has been the only objective of the FSF."

That -is- the only objective here. Like the other commenter pointed out, if Monsoon is going to force the SFLC to actually go to court by not responding to their compliance requests prior to the lawsuit, then Monsoon should face some punitive damages. This is the only way to make sure other companies don't make the same mistake. This is how every case typically works. If you and I have a dispute over something, and you refuse to work with me. I then go to court, and you suddenly have a change of heart? I'm sorry, but at that point it's too late, now if you want to keep from going to a full court case, you need to offer me some incentive to do so. I mean, I've already filed the paperwork, hired the lawyer, and it's a clear cut win for me... Why should I let you off easy at this point? If I do, it will simply send a message to others that you can ignore the terms of my license all you want, and if I end up going to court with you over it, then you can simply offer the source code and hope for no hard feelings.



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