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AutoCAD is a tougher monopoly than MS

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 24, 2007 09:04 PM
AutoCAD has a virtual lock on the CAD market. If you work with other engineers and architects, need to exchange and collaborate on drawings, work for a big firm, do big projects, et al., it's pretty much required. It's amazing to me that an industry filled with otherwise brilliant people allow a single company to own their design formats and IT. You are beholden to another company for access to your own designs forever, all because they wrote a clever bit of software. Nuts.

Unseating AutoCAD from this monopoly will be harder than unseating MS from theirs. QCad has a long ways to go, and until engineers and architects wake up and start understanding the principles and necessity and of open source and the ridiculous nature of the situation they're in, not much progress is going to be made.

If a group of enlightened design firms got together and hired some programmers to start improving and contributing to open source CAD projects, they could advance the state of the art rapidly and design their own CAD systems to their liking rather than waiting for AutoCAD to hopefully get around to it someday. It would end up being cheaper than ACAD licenses, and eventually nearly free. Works for Google, IBM, Sun, etc, etc.


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