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Come to real environment and then you will say OO sucks.

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 24, 2007 11:09 AM
Didnt read many comments... but I think writer has never tried to write any real thing like a research paper on OO. Its PiA. Word (although i prefer to use latex) is much better. Besides, try keeping a heavy oo writer document open on your PC for 5-6 days (and do use it for CUT/PASTE/COPY) you will see the OO becomes so slow that you need to restart it. I have found MS Word much stable (and believe me it is)
Type setting though latex is winner, OO is just too lame.. Word rocks, almost becomes equal to latex except handling of the equations part.
To my mind, OO sucks.. slow, pathetic and lame. Thats why my organization pays TAX to MS because they have done it better. BTW we use MS Office because of unbeatable MS-Excel. No spreadsheet is as good as that (but we are only talking about writer so let me come back to the point).
Some of you may argue about the document format... most of the big organizations with some money dont really care. 200-300 dollars is nothing when it comes to getting your work done in proper and justifiable way... That is why MS Office still sells.
I do admit, ribbon is not popular, but believe me once it gets going (and it will) then OO guys will be looking to copy it and wont be able to do it. Any I am not much against the fact that you cannot copy ribbon if you are competitor. Same was done by Abobe with Office 2007 once they asked MS to remove direct PDF and yet allowed OO to do it...
I am not agaist Open Source or neither am I a MS fanboy.. I am just a realistic person who believes that I want me and my office to be productive. So i will use whatever is more cost beneficial. OO is not in that domain yet.


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