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Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 23, 2007 12:20 PM

> A predictable 6 month release cycle (When will KDE ever offer that?)

KDE is pretty feature complete. And stable. It doesn't need "predictable [...] release cycle." Because it already works and does all what its users need.

> a cleaner interface with less buttons to make things more usable.

If you are not capable of that your self, ask your admin to remove buttons he does think you do not need. Also ask him to put you KDE into Kiosk mode so that you will not be able to change a thing. If you want of course to live in sandbox forever.

GNOME is nice and all. And has nice flat learning curve. Problem is that ceiling is set too low. I personally hit all the political hindrances of GNOME on first hour of doing any kind of work. And heck, I'm not going to wait for the "predictable release cycle" to deliver me in future features I was using under GNOME 1.4 and KDE 2/3 for years. That's just stupid.

KDE is nice addition to bash and command line. GNOME trying to replace it fails for me miserably. Though of course it is matter of taste.

P.S. Also I appreciate much less policitized KDE comunity. I can talk with KDE folks about GNOME - and it's fine. But talking about KDE with GNOME folks it like hitting wall of ignorance and/or hate... To choose was pretty easy then: those who know their respective competitors and do not live in denial, are always leading.


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