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Re: The dangers of automatic updates

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 22, 2007 02:45 AM
Here is what Clem said in his blog post:
"An uneducated upgrade is an upgrade performed by a user who doesn’t understand the risks involved in upgrading his package base. Of course, the user is not to blame, what is to blame is the fact that a complex process was made trivial to users without educating them on the risks involved.

In Celena we’re removing all that.

* The update notifier will be removed so you won’t get notified when new upgrades will be available. Upgrading will be a process triggered by you through APT or Synaptic, not by the system.
* The update manager will be removed so you won’t be asked to upgrade to Gutsy.
* The backports and proposed repositories will be disabled so even if you actually upgrade manually, you won’t make your system unstable.

For Celena->Mint 4.0 upgrades we’ll come with a Mint tool or we’ll rely on a command line operation. In any way we don’t want people to upgrade their systems without good reasons to do so. From our experience, and with our fast release cycle, stability on your desktop is more important than getting the latest security updates.

Advanced users will still be able to get them, but it will be up to them to launch upgrades or to reinstall the notifier."

You can still make upgrades, but at least you're a bit more involved.


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