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New P2P network uses bandwidth as currency

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 20, 2007 09:02 PM
This is obviously being persued as it would provide a logical advantage. I read how regular internet users get their unlimited contracts cancled for using to much bandwidth. Wether on perpose this seems to be an indirect penalty. It has been common over the years for newspaper to promote other media demonstrating media interdependance rather than supremacy. With a number of tech. type oportunities asoicated interdependancies or rather synergies mite be examind. One example would be the skill and mfg. eqipment used to build custom cars and motorcycles (I don't want to advocate hazardous activites) being quite simmilar to home built air craft (low riders high flyers). Another similar area is the local 5 mile radius radio station available to anyone allowing neighborhood stations for schools or social clubs. These rather than seen as a threat to traditional media could be viewed as nural implants into a market. Larger stations could provide a greater footprint for successfull personalities or stories or formates etc. The reasignment of bandwidth by the FCC mite provide an oportunity for the public to participate almost directly in a number of media techknowledgies. For these reasons mite I sugjest this site provide at least one link to groups that promote (satalite, ham radio, RC modling, telecom, custom hardware mfg., CNC, Industrial process systems) as they are related to computing and are likly to become even more relavent. Thus developing cordial relations and communication and organizational infrastructure to promote common strengths rather than being seen as rivals fighting to stake some percieved claim. (i'm in a hury excuse the spelling)


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