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Re(1): "In those two comparisons, emerged as superior"???

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 14, 2007 09:30 AM
I remember well that already around 2000, StarOffice (which was not yet) was in some ways superior to Word.
Like handling large documents. The placing of figures went a lot better.
I was able to compare that during the time I had to use Word 97 (or 2000, not so sure anymore) at work.
What MS word did better (for me) was handling of serial letters with stuff pulled from a database.

Note that I am no particular OpenOffice fan; actually I don't like the concept of blown-up "Office software" at all.
I had to work with MS Word for some time, I did private/school documents with StarOffice / ... but I'm glad that I found better tools for my needs.
When you do math stuff and lots of figures in documents ranging to 100 or more pages, you are better off with something that takes care of page layout and typesetting properly, with the possibility but not the requirement for you to step in and do grunt work.


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