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Re: An open source "Second Life" for Linden Lab

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 13, 2007 02:35 PM
As far as I can see, Linden is doing what they promised with regards to the viewer (aside from some kinks like those mentioned), and I think that unless they do something drastically bad then I'll wait for them to release their server. What I would hate to see is a fracturing of SecondLife, since it is one of those things where the network effect is important. If I play Tetris it doesn't really matter to me if anyone else is playing Tetris, but if I log in to SecondLife and there is nobody else there, or there are masses of potential people to interact with who are on a slightly different system, then it becomes a real shame.

This is why I think Linden shouldn't use proprietary code, or at least make things modular (like making the speech thing have a Speex module or something), since that proprietary nature can end up fracturing user communities (look at instant messaging protocols compared to email for instance). I am not against people experimenting and hacking with code, far from it, but I'd hate to see unneccessary division and forking going on, especially if it happens in incompatible ways (and as it stands, a liberated SecondLife server can't talk to the Linden server precisely because the Linden server is closed)


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