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An open source "Second Life" for Linden Lab

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 12, 2007 10:39 PM
Yes, Linden Lab did a great move to open the source of the client. Just couple of months later there are alternative clients like the one of Nicholaz Baresford, with removed memory leaks and which runs significantly better.

The thing Linden Lab is doing wrong, imho, is that they still introduce new third-party proprietary modules. E.G. when they introduced voice feature in July, they used Vivox which is proprietary. Consequence of that is that there is the voice feature for Win PC's and Mac's but not for *nices. It is really hard to understand the logic behind that move.

The opening of the client code had one consequence I doubt Linden Lab planned or expected. The group of people started reverse-engeneering the server's code. Lindens announced their plans of opening that code too, but in a couple of years. Now, their announcements goes for 2008. Project OpenSim is still far away of the fully capable second life server, but it runs and develops very fast. Very soon, it might be a factor of big changes in the world of second life. At the same time, there are many problems which are not related to coding but to organization of the world, managing the data and money, copyrights of the content made in-world. And those problems are the problems of Linden Lab too which they have to solve parallelly with cleaning the code before the releasing it.


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