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Re(1): Office software shootout: Writer vs. Microsoft Word, round three

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 12, 2007 09:38 AM
Word more prone to crash? What have you been smoking.
I'm all for alternative solutions, and i actually don't use much Microsoft software any longer - But one thing that remains when everything else has changed is Microsoft Office - I've used Office since the very first version and i have almost never experienced a single crash from neither Word, Excel nor Access - The most crash prone program from the Office suite is Outlook which is still rather rare.
I haven't had a single crash while using Office 2007 since it was released - Not one!

On the other hand I have tried Open Office as well as other alternative office solutions and all of them where poorly designed, slow, crashed often etc.

And how can anybody claim that the ribbon is only done to hide som feature that most people don't even know about!! Thats just plain stupid!
The ribbon is a great idea and for the most cases it works rather well - But it still has room for improvement - But it is a HUGE improvement over the old system with long menues, and even longer submenues where you spend half an hour just finding a feature.

Saying that Open Office wins becuase it uses yesterdays technology is just proof that every point is twisted to make Open Office look like the winner - Once Open Office follows suit and make their own Ribbon, then eveyrbody will be claiming that it's the only way to do it and Open Office wins again - OMFG!!

I think Microsoft is jealous of the amount of FUD in this article. This has to be the most unbiased article I've read in years!


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