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diaphanous ebenazer

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 12, 2007 04:59 AM
A few years ago 5-10 someone was being abraided for proporting the idea of a node and socket set of tools. It was said the web page contained enough of what is needed and in a more user friendly form. Yet it has taken till now for the release of DOM 3 with lists of out going and incoming links. It would seem as demonstrated by older aplications that in an effort to develop development. An initial node could drag and drop funtional utilities from a library linking them via an initialy blank tool bar (giving it a foo quality if that word can ever be used to discribe anything) the linked node can be given a lable and linked to siblings children and parents likewise. This creates scalability and constructions as demonstrated by circuit construction programs like the spicey kind l,m,n...? as well graphical math interfaces. the idea is that once a building block is made it can be placed into a library (like most programing languages) by using a graphical inter face languages can be mixed using interfaces and a more visual discription of a project is available. The link is a metphor for a socket or connection, pipe. Once a node is constucted its content can be linked to a filter, compiler, refreces used to build the object, interpreter. Siblings could take the form of interpreted expresions so a given funtional utility may be duplicated in other languages. If work is being done and overlap exists an interface hitches a ride on what has gone before untill the compleat independant expresion has been compleated. A person can arrow forward back up down to walk through a program or information path. Weather its absolutaly neccessary (put my cap on) a unique identification number could lable the node however sss.. somebody has already thought of this. This id number mite identify itself by a prefix of thee numbers so you would know those numbers are its id. Like (444.....) or (555..other numbers go next) also as a reminder or a model of the potential concequence of an absolute inentification system. Lets see is there any difference between a modle and the real object.


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