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Re(1): Incompatibilities (examples)

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 12, 2007 12:55 AM
Jon, I' ve had all kinds of problems with Writer, which I've documented on a Linux list I started.
Here is the main quote:
Here is a summary of some compatibility issues I've encountered when
attempting to work with MS Office files in OpenOffice on Linux. As far
as I can determine, these are distribution-independent problems; that is,
they will bite you no matter what distro you are using.

1. Font substitution problems
The most serious problem comes with bullets and numbering fonts. For
some reason, OOo changes the fonts used in MS Word documents for bullets
and numbering. In some cases, the WingDings font is used. This is more
than a cosmetics issue; when the Word document is then transferred to
Windows and opened there, the font changes remain. If, for example,
"Appendix A-1" appeared in the original, it will now show only WingDings
symbols. Some numbers and bullets display as boxes or other symbols.

Obviously I can't submit such documents to customers and expect them to
change all the fonts back to the original. It might be possible to go
through all the settings and define different font substitutions, but
that just makes my job more tedious than it would be to use Word in the
first place.

2. Uneditable embedded objects
If the original PowerPoint slide has, say, an embedded chart that was
created in Excel based on numeric and text data, and I am asked to
replace the original Japanese in the chart with English, OOo apparently
lacks the ability to edit the original. In PowerPoint (Windows), it's
simply a matter of clicking on various parts of the chart and
replacing the original data.

3. Indenting
MS Office and OOo have different ways of using tabs to set indenting. In
some cases, this results in compatibility problems with numbered or
bulleted headings, etc., even when creating a document from scratch in


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