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Show me a comparison that isn't biased

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 11, 2007 11:59 PM
I have yet to see a comparison between the two packages that isn't biased. Likewise I haven't seen a comparison between operating systems that isn't biased. Same goes for cars, phones, computer manufacturers, etc.

The key is to use the tool that works for the situation you're in. In 75% of most cases where I work, OOo fits the bill quite nicely. However, occasionally, I have to use Word.

Shoot, Office has been going downhill since '97 - the main problem with '97 was how quickly documents corrupted. Thank goodness for OOo which could open them all. Once Microsoft started throwing in that context-sensitive menu bar crap where 90% of the options are hidden unless you hit the bottom of the menu I've gotten more and more sick of Microsoft's attempts to control how you use their programs.

Microsoft anything isn't bad. It just isn't worth the price they charge for it. Word isn't worth more than $50. The entire Office suite (including Publisher and Access) isn't worth more than $125.


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