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Re: Office software shootout: Writer vs. Microsoft Word, round three

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 11, 2007 12:38 PM
On the other hand, this week I have been grateful Open Office existed. I had to translate a 90-page MS Word document which had been heavily annoted with comments and track changes. In order to tranlate it, I accepted all changes and removed the contents, while the translation software converted it to .rtf and back (whithout altering the formating in any other way).

Using MS Word I was unable to further edit the document as after a few succesful saves it would invariably crash on save. After one day of frustration, I decided to use open office to edit the file. The resulting doc was stable and required only 10 minutes to restore the lost formating (the footer, the title numbering and alignment).

While I strongly dislike Open Office as too much of a MS Word clone, with its own problems in terms of features and interface, its stability with long and/or complex documents has been life saving feature. I would rather have a stable, functioning piece of software - even if ugly - instead of a fancy, feature-rich application, which only works in certain quirky ways and only up to a modest limit of complexity.


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