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Tired of rip-off Distros!

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 07, 2007 07:45 PM
Don't know about everybody else but I am sick of people taking 98% to 99% of a previous OS adding a few codecs and other eye candy and calling it there own Distro. Shouldn't LinuxMint be rather called Ubuntu Plus or Ubuntu Mint or something like that. Ubuntu originally did this to Debian pissed alot of people off, but now Ubuntu has moved beyond that and has created an OS that's a real alternative to the Debian project, not just a rip-off. I like Ubuntu, Linux Mint is just Ubuntu + so my suggestion would be to new comers download Ubuntu and you will learn alot about Linux and be much more comfortable behind the wheel so to speak if you just install the codecs and drivers your self. LINUX is more than an OS its an educational experience and easy isn't always better. On another note, Who cares if Linux can't get the majority of the market share. A viable goal for the Linux community should be a 5% to 10% market share which can be done regardless of codecs/drivers/etc! What Linux needs is good marketing. RedHat's propaganda ads circling around on the net look just like I said propaganda ads and Novell's spoofs are a joke. Show me a Linux computer in an ad and what it can do.


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