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Re(4): Where's the documentation?

Posted by: Zerias on September 07, 2007 03:45 PM
2 things. First, I screwed up on the date because I read the KDE clock wrong. It's the 7th, not the 9th. The 10th is monday. - - Second. Okay. Let me get this straight. AMD sets the date for the 10th on when the code and drivers will be released. You take issue on the 5th, 6th, 7th, or whatever that there is no code or specifications yet, before they are releaesd. - - Somebody calls you on the dates. - - Rather than saying "I'm sorry, I didn't read the article" you come back with a line about politics and nothing for real. - - I'm sorry, but when most people get slammed they are not stupid, or crazy, enough to come back for more. - - Well, here's some more for you: AMD has made extensive code releases to LinuxBios and OpenBios projects. Supported motherboard page is here : - - With LinuxBiosV2, over 40 different motherboards have been successfully booted with OpenBios. - - A direct code release from AMD engineer Yinghai Lu enabled the GIGABYTE M57SLI-S4 to boot and load LinuxBios, the first desktop motherboard to do so. - - Further reality check : Competitor Nvidia only makes a 2D driver available for their cards. Beyond that they have little interaction with open-source projects. - - ATi, now AMD, on the other hand, has released driver specifications for their cards, and we currently have open source community drivers for R100, R200, R300, and R400 cards. ATi, now AMD, also links to a bugzilla and a wiki off of their own official site - - These are steps their primary competitor, Nvidia, has never taken. - - So, yes. I remember the past. A whole lot better than you do. - - Also, another significant problem with your post is that you presume that this code isn't real, or that it hasn't been made available. Slight problem, Novell let the cat out of the bag at their Linux Day in Atlanta Georgia at the IBM building where they specifically stated they were working on Open Source drivers, but declined to name the vendor. Even worse that I missed it. Now, right off hand, you need to say "I'm sorry, I did not read the article" if you have any hope of saving face... oh. wait. Both of us posted as Anon. - - Hi.


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