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Re: Sabayon Linux: Something for everyone

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 02, 2007 02:27 PM
I do agree with you. I couldnt do a complete upgrade on the world file. Not even the system file. There were alot of packages blocked by each other. Finaly i made it work, after removing most of the packages.
I think its nice to have a distro that works, out of the box and is a bit more bleeding edge then gentoo. However Gentoo is the shit, no complaining about sabayon. But the devs of sabayon have to please to many people therefor includes to manyprogram, and the deps is messed up. In the install, you should have more options, like if you want a working setup, with a normal world file not all programs need to be included.

After 5 days of using this distro i removed the partition and returned to gentoo. A system based on gentoo, with portage, should naturaly be able to use the package management system like it was designed to do. emerge --sync and emerge world --deep --newuse needs to be working for the user to have a secure and good system.

However, it works out of the box so i understand that many people likes it.


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