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How Linus copes with criticism

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 02, 2007 09:12 AM
I've spent a fair amount of time talking with Linus over the years thanks to my job in Linux and Open Source for a large software manufacturer, and one *gift* he has is the ability to be painfully blunt and wonderfully clear. While that pisses people off, you never wonder where you stand and what his feelings are. I work with one other guy like that and you know what is nice...the level of honestly makes it easier to get things done because there is no taking it personally, unless you have an ego that you can't let go of. It's business...pure and simple. If others did business this way in the US, things might be better off.
As for Linus...he did write the original code, so I think a certain amount of respect is in order...without his work, things would be very different now in the IT world.


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