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the problem is with "the most" part, not with Gentoo per se -- relax?

Posted by: Michael Shigorin on September 01, 2007 10:50 AM
It's no problem with anyone's choice of distro, THE PROBLEM IS WITH SPREADING LIES. Yes, I do accuse someone I do NOT know of lying, if it's true they told "_the_ most secure" -- should I explain why? [Trustix] Thanks, I knew of bankrupcy but as circa a year ago one of my friends was still on their team also, I didn't even check the project's site but just cited it for sort of completeness; don't know why it's down, so presumably I stand corrected here. [ALT] The basis is my experience with it, including administration overhead on running public servers for some 6 years; its sec team and approach collides with Owl's ones, btw. And it did RSBAC back in 2001. [Owl] Yep, it's different, but quite in the league of "most secure". [HG] I know of Hardened Gentoo but don't trust the folks behind grsecurity, plain and simple; it still might be worth mentioning on the same basis as Trustix (also-out-there) at least *BUT* if they spoke of security and Gentoo and missed the "Hardened" prefix, why should I? [Troll] Yep, I admit I consider this trolling -- which is what such ill-written (or titled?) articles do deserve. And relax, I do my share of work on free software, even if I don't report it while flaming every other lame article, okay? [P.S.] If I was that negative on Gentoo the project as you might think, I wouldn't recommend one of local Gentoo activists to folks among our clients who needed competent admin for decent salary ;-)


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