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Re: *sigh*

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on September 01, 2007 03:07 AM
It's not wrong, it's just that many people have resorted to using free software (i.e. Linux, Firefox, Apache, OpenSSL) because proprietary software is inherently bad - note the use of the word "bad" instead of "evil" like the FSF/GNU evangelists say. Want some proof? Ok: Windows. What's so bad about Windows? It's not about it being completely broken, it is about I being unable to fix it. I am forced to hope for Microsoft's good will, I become dependent on Microsoft. That's why I chose Linux and BSD. That's why I choose open hardware - again, note the use of the expression "open hardware" instead of "hardware with free drivers". That is because what really matters is the hardware documentation, the vendor driver's source code is useless, I don't need it. With the documentation I can create my own, stable, usable and, most importantly, free (as in freedom) drivers. Furthermore, if vendors were to provide and maintain free drivers for every operating system out there they would become crazy. They'd rather just release the goddamn programming documentation.


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