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Re: "most secure"? hah

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 31, 2007 11:37 PM
I see. Because you don't agree with someone's choice of distro, you are compelled to troll with this wholly negative and utterly superfluous comment, accusing someone you presumably do not know of lying and reeling off a list of distros that "don't have a tendency at outright false statements" (whatever that means). Well, allow me to retort. Trustix went bankrupt in 2006 and the website is no more; so much for that. The assertion that ALT specialised in security appears to be without any apparent basis. Owl? An interesting system but (arguably) not really in the same league as Hardened Gentoo and Adamantix. By all means, disregard the Hardened Gentoo project, with its mature hardened toolchain offering support for a PIE and SSP protected userland. Disregard the fact that a well maintained set of hardened kernel sources with support for grsecurity and PaX is on offer. Disregard the fact that we have a tool, scanelf, that is capable of pinpointing ELF QA issues (which, among other things, can point to potential security problems) and that the package manger uses it to exactly that end. Disregard the fact that portage, via profiles, has sufficient modularity and extensibility to allow a number of other hardening technologies (including various SELinux and RSBAC) to be not only available, but fully supported. Disregard the fact that this is maintained by a small but healthy team of skilled developers who have close connections with upstream. Disregard the fact that one of the principal developers behind the Hardened Gentoo project is formally allied with the Adamantix maintainer. Disregard the fact that I, and many others, have happily deployed and run Hardened Gentoo systems in production for many years (yes, "years non-stop" except for kernel updates). But don't stop there .... dismiss the entire distro entirely if that is your will (as it is your choice also). In return, I would only ask that you do not troll the distro, not to mention those people who decide that it is appropriate for their requirements, with such misinformed comments. The fact is that proficient, capable people are quietly working away to make all of this tick. The tripe in your post is indicative of not only a subjective contempt for the distro, but a complete and utter lack of respect for others. Shame on you.


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