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Re: Mailscanner is unsafe with postfix

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 29, 2007 04:08 PM
This is a myth with a grain of truth. MailScanner _used to be_ unsafe with Postfix, but is so no longer.
We could have a nice civil debate on this matter, but for that to happen... You'd have to start by orienting yourself on the current state of the Postfix/MailScanner integration.
I've successfully used the combination for several years, and since swithing to the HOLD method has had no corruption... Since a few months back there is also working support for the outlandish (IMO) milter support of Postfix 2.3/2.4 ... without any risk of corruption.
The only truth in the myth is that the Postfix developer community will not handle problems occuring on a MailScanner/Postfix system. The MailScanner community will.


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