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Waste of bandwidth, lack of charity and the problem of evil.

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 29, 2007 08:40 AM
The last paragraph constitutes a waste of bandwidth, and a lack of charity as well. Of course those who have the gift of a living faith in the (Christian) God will possibly attribute something good to God, because if they know the Faith, and appreciate the nature of God through their living faith, they would already _know_ that God is not an "evil deity", but rather the author of that which _is_ authentically good. They would also then know that evil in this world is merely an absence of good that God so permits in this lifetime, alongside free will, only such that a greater good may come from it in the "big picture".

The so-called "problem of evil" is never a logical and reasonable justification for proving the non-existence of God, or that God is not good, as much as RMS would seemingly like it to be so. Its a pity that RMS chooses pride over logical and intellectual integrity here. All he does demonstrate, if unfortunate souls begin to lose faith after a tragedy such as he describes, is that those unfortunate and traumatized souls probably never spent enough time considering the nature and problem of evil, something that St. Thomas Aquinas discusses very eloquently. They also probably had a guy like RMS whispering to them too frequently, replete w/ lack of clear thought pertaining to philosophy and theology.

Worst is that at that at a time when so many grieve over a genuine tragedy, he seems to prefer wasting bandwidth revealing in his own intellectual pride, making a pathetic jab at God and religion, and demonstratiing what would unfortunately appear to be a lack of real charity for those whether _in_ the church referred to, or anywhere else for that matter. Maybe he should actually go to church and learn about humility, charity, God, and when to keep his mouth shut. Richard: please stick to stuff like GNU and EMACS and don't waste my bandwidth.


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