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FSF links up with environmental groups

Posted by: Warbo on August 28, 2007 12:16 PM
This is encouraging, and as stated it is already occuring in a lot of these organisations but it would be great to get Free Software on the general check list of 'green' initiatives (reduce waste, reuse materials, recycle what can't be reused, use biodegradable materials where possible, minimise energy usage, avoid toxic and damaging products or processes, use free software.....)

I'm interested in the next one more specifically though, since I run a student society based on Free Software, and with an influx of new students next month it would be great to have some 'official' student-oriented stuff to hand out. (Our University is alright in in terms of Free Software usage, as pretty much everything in the background is FOSS, but there's very little which students can actually interact with. They're trialling some thin-clients dedicated to Firefox at the moment, which is promising. Thus we're more focused on the students' own computers, offering help and how-tos and demos and things)

Keep up the good work :D


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