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Two open source email virus scanners for Linux

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 28, 2007 01:32 AM
sub-tablet PC..cell phone I've seen articles or adds of pci cards that have embeded internet connectivity that use linux. With the linux and java based cell phones and sub tablet sized pcs I wonder.. a live cd or dvd or a for pay and/or open source service connected to a pc via a separate line that at a chosen intervals dose a security monitoring automated or live. Allowing enough agragate use to apply profesional security services like large host companies.The dvd would be an optimatly designed stand allone minimalist system making smaller less expensive pcs into a fire wall. There could be a connectivity feture that allowed profesional security monitoring via a separate perhaps more secure land line. Something a small bussiness mite be interested in not having to be as conversant in computers. Also many things in life are good or bad depending on who is using them and for what perpose. These smaller computing units mite be valued as a spliter and/or universal connector providing modularity to more expensive systems that would and as well concentrate on new connectivity rather than maintain legecy. By connecting everything to a spliter the system and its i/o could be objectified as an added level of system integrity. The connectors would be passive undetectable yet provide a store forward capability for annalysis to see if your system is responding properly. I read similar features are being concidered as part of mother-boards yet any things that is a part of the system being potentialy compromised mite also become suspect. Also I would like to see the hyper transport inter board connectivity more genneralized so a flexable jumper could inter connect any two hyper-tranport sockets or pci-e allowing multipel mother board stacking for cluster building despite the effecacy of the 1u multipossesor systems, for high bandwidth board to board interconnectivity.l


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