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Stallman survives Peruvian quake

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 24, 2007 01:37 AM
Media tends to blow things up out of proportion because that is how they get people to watch/read/consume more of their content and how they make money. Natural disasters which cause such casualties are no exception. Isn't it reasonable to conclude that everyone's emotions are further overblown by this than they really naturally should be? The media is *using* your our emotion for their own gain.

And so Stallman, who is obviously quite immune to the mainstream media and trends (I mean, just look at his life style) comes by and says something out of his own nature and logic and everyone jumps on him as being cold hearted. If he is so cold hearted then why the heck did he attribute his whole life to a cause which is based on exactly being good to other people, socially responsible and caring. What kind of response did you people want? Maybe he should have played like a politician, stressing how incredibly sad he is and how his heart is broken and whatnot - using the event to gain sympathy for himself? Is that what you want? A yet another crook up there in your petty government pretending to care?

RMS so far proved that he does *really* care about things other than his mere well being. I believe that he could be living much more comfortably with the fame and influence he acquired, yet he doesn't. Think about that before judging him off as an emotionless egocentric prick.

So perhaps we could try to escape the collective conditioning that is being imposed on everything we are for a moment and take things for what they are. And what this is is an account of a personal experience of the earthquake. I often feel maddened at religiosity when I see disasters like this as well. I can absolutely understand why would someone feel like making remarks, exactly like the one RMS makes here, about religion after a disaster like this.

In fact, exactly that remark may reveal the emotion that he really feels about this whole disaster: anger, as in "why does this have to happen" and "what god would allow for this to happen". Ever thought of that?

Most of the commentators who knee jerked to his post could have just thinked about what he said and why he said it instead of just immediately instinctively reacting to it with nothing but pure headless emotion.

You can't live your life on emotion alone. There has to be a reason/logic in the balance.


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