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Stallman survives Peruvian quake

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 22, 2007 05:19 PM
This reads like the writings of an autistic person which may explain it's robotic detachment. It is likely a medical consequence and so he shouldn't be blamed directly.

That being said, it also reads like the writings of an emotionless sociopath. Until Richard has spent a single day in the squalid poverty of Peru and seen the force of good that can come from the community efforts inspired by the church in the Third World he should just consign himself back to writing machine code which he arguably does better than almost any other living human. (the American colloquial "STFU" comes to mind here!)

His brutal and selfish analysis of the church collapse betrays a surprising lack of empathy and a heart containing only cold rationality. For someone so familiar with the dependencies present in machine code, he shows a stunning lack of understanding of how a cold and callous analysis by a person of renown like this could only but inspire anger and hurt in those below him (social dependencies, if you will!)

Shame on you Richard, for missing that insight, and thanks for revealing to the rest of us that perhaps indeed you're someone best consigned to writing machine code than to personally performing acts of personal kindness. If the extent of your contribution to the human catastrophe that befell the poor in Peru was this bitter letter, you are today a slightly lesser human for it.


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