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Re: Not to sound elitist but...

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 22, 2007 03:12 PM
Yes but..

When you're using windows and an addon is missing there is a link with instructions to download and install. Your hand is held through the install process and most windows users can handle that. Linux is a long way from doing that. A pop-up letting the user know what they need and directing the user to the package management tool for their distro would be a good idea. Of course the flip side is that they will install malware in exactly the same way because they received an email from Nicki P. Storey that said they need critical windows updates.

On the whole I agree with you. Users don't want or need to install and configure their OS and it is foolish to go any further trying to make it possible. We are at the stage now where any poorly experienced MCSE ought to be able to install Linux. Making it any easier is doing a disservice to the user. Live CD's ought to come with a warning, "If you want to install this to your harddrive make sure you get a qualified technician to do the job."


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