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Stallman doesn't follow most social conventions: he borrows money and does not return it

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 21, 2007 10:01 PM
I've met RMS in Peru a couple of times. This is the third time he has visited the country that I am aware of. By reading this piece of his now I realize why he is sometimes happy to borrow money for lunch and stuff like that. I witnessed how once in Cuzco how RMS borrowed some S/. 50 (around US$ 15) for paying his dinner and then simply forgot it. Looks like he does it with some regularity.

My whole point is he has a strong tendency to disregard other people's social conventions. By pure logical reasoning the might very well conclude that he's done so much good for humanity by consolidating the free software movement that it's perfectly OK to borrow some money to have lunch or dinner. That might make sense in abstract terms but why if the person he's borrowed the money from really needs it? He would say, well, if you need it don't lend the money at all but that's not the issue, because you can be supportive, prove helpful and lend money even if you need it because you believe the person in need will pay return it. My conclusion is he's long-time ago decided to just shit on other people's social conventions and live his own way.


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