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Great review! Cheers!

Posted by: Seth Wagoner on August 21, 2007 05:37 AM
Hi Mayank. Thanks very much for bringing our extension to the attention of the audience. We love the fact that Firefox allows us to support everyone no matter what O/S they're using - we're running a severely mixed bag in house, but there are more linux boxen here than anything else. We've also made a special effort in the latest version to do great summaries of links to Trac and Bugzilla tickets, which should appeal to many in the audience.

Just to let you know, the free version will continue to improve, and any suggestions for new improvements are welcome. We've got a bunch of great things in mind for the subscriber version as well, but most of those are going to require a server farm and all the time, hassle and expense that goes along with that. But it'll all be worth it if we can make our users even more productive, which we look forward to doing!

<a href="">Seth Wagoner</a>,
Geek in Chief,
<a href="">Interclue Ltd</a>


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