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Re(1): I couldn't disagree more

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 20, 2007 10:27 PM
The last time I googled I found 2 g cards which claimed to work with drivers. Neither worked and was later told that it was because the chipset had changed. It has been very frustrating at times dealing with wireless, video cards and monitors which are not fully supported by linux. I have been hearing the same thing for five years and it doesn't really appear to be getting all that much better. The technology is moving to fast to expect open software developers to keep up and the vendors really don't seem to give a crap (The linux base doesn't appear to have a significant markey share). So until linux becomes a significant segment of the market, let's say 5-10% I don't think they are going to care. And I don't think linux is going to hit those numbers in the next 5 years considering that after 10 they only have 1% market share.
Outside of IT 95% of the population is still what's linux.


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